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What is CallMeNow?

CallMeNow empowers organizations to instantly connect with their web customers by just clicking a button. It offers seamless voice calling capability to website companies where they just need to embed a "CALL" button on their site.

Customers click the "CALL" button and enter their mobile number. Our application will place a call to both customer and companies call center executive and patch them. It’s that easy and the best part is the customer does not pay for the call.


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How it Works?

CallNow CallNow CallNow


Smart_Call_Routing Smart Call Routing Random_call_Scheduling Random Call Scheduling IVR Custom based IVR call flow design

If your customer is calling from a location that is nearer to one of your call center locations, then the system will automatically forward the call to that location.

Never miss any call from the customer. Application will randomly call a set of your customer care numbers and connect the customer. Application will dynamically hunt for numbers so that customer’s query gets answered immediately.

Customized design of the call through personalized greetings for your users.

SMS_mail SMS/Email Alerts Call_Barring Call Barring MIS MIS and Reporting

Sends real time alerts through SMS/E-mails to your team for immediate action.

Does not allow making calls to pre-defined numbers assigned by you.

Customized Real time reports to monitor calls and conferences made

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