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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Active Connect?
A. ActiveConnect is an innovative and technologically advanced service delivery platform that helps Brands/organisations to connect with their customers instantly.

Q. What is CallMeNow?
A. CallMeNow empowers organizations to instantly connect with their web customers by just clicking a button. It offers seamless voice calling capability to website companies where they just need to embed a “call” button on their site. Customers click the “Call” button and enter their mobile number. Our application will place a call to both customer and companies call center executive and patch them. It’s that easy and the best part is the customer does not pay for the call.

Q. How do I start using this product?
A. You need to register for the free trial pack by clicking on the sign up link. After successful registration you would be given a userid and password. After signing-in with your userid and password, CallMeNow button API and free minutes would be available in your account.

Q. What happens when my minutes get finished during trial period?
A. You need to login to your account and buy a pack from the various packs available. Based on the pack brought, call minutes would be available for use which you can consume during call conferencing.

Q. What is a successful Conference?
A. Whenever a customer is connected with the Brand over phone, it is called a conference.

Q. How will my minutes be consumed?
A. Your minutes will be consumed for every successful conference between you and your customer.

Q. What happens when the trial period expires?
A. Once your trial period expires, your minutes available would get expired but your userid and password would be valid. To get more minutes, you need to buy a new pack from the various packs available on the website.

Q. How do I buy a pack from the site?
A. If you are a new user, you can buy online from the site by clicking the Buy Now button available in the pricing section or you can login to your account and click buy minutes button.

Q. Which mediums are available to buy the pack online?
A. You can use your Credit card/Debit card/Netbanking to buy pack online.

Q. Is it safe to buy online from your website?
A. Our website has a safe and secure integration with the payment gateway that follows all authentication and authorization processes before proceeding with the payment. It follows best and pioneer safety & authorization standards.

Q. After buying a pack, what happens once the available minutes get finished but validity is still available?
A. You need to buy a new pack.

Q. What happens when the validity gets expired?
A. You need to buy a new pack.

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